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General Dentistry Fredericksburg, VA

A dentist practicing general dentistry can provide restorative and preventive services. General dentists concentrate on a broad range of procedures and treatments. They also treat patients of every age range. If you want to know the general dentistry services you can get from a dentist near you, here are the details.

Cosmetic treatments

These dental procedures focus on cosmetic dental enhancements. Many people want to get cosmetic procedures. Improving one’s smile can open more opportunities. An experienced and licensed dentist can provide these treatments. Patients with dental phobias can choose sedation dentistry.

The general dentist can provide the right type of sedation method. This will allow anxious patients to go through the procedures without any problem. The dentist can provide porcelain veneers. These thin porcelain shells cover the front surfaces of blemished or damaged teeth. These restorations can change the shape and color of teeth. Porcelain veneers are effective whitening solutions for deep staining.

A general dentist can provide a professional in-office teeth-whitening treatment. This is a quick treatment capable of whitening teeth. It lasts for about an hour. The dentist uses strong whitening chemicals in the clinic. The patient could even take home custom home whitening trays for touch-ups.

Direct restorations

A dentist will conduct a check for dental cavities and periodontal disease. Then, the general dentist will present the available restorative treatments. Direct restoration materials are forms of dental repairs inside the patient’s mouth. These treatments only take one dental appointment. They include:

  • RMGI (resin-modified glass ionomer). This is much like conventional glass ionomers. Even so, these fillings are stronger. Each application has the durability of acrylic resin. General dentists use RMGI to restore primary teeth.
  • Composite. This blends well with the patient’s natural teeth. The acrylic resin is the bonding material of choice. This is the most common type of material for veneers, dental fillings, inlays, and dental bonds.
  • CGI (conventional glass ionomer). This is a tooth-colored restoration. It is a good choice for enhancing the front teeth. CGI is less durable than other restorations. That is why a dentist would refrain from using it on the back teeth or chewing surfaces.
  • Amalgam. This is the oldest known type of dental filling. It is a mixture of metals, including copper, tin, silver, and mercury. Its durability makes it ideal for chewing surfaces. Yet, since it has 54% mercury, most dentists do not use it anymore.

Indirect restorations

A dentist can use the patient’s dental impressions to create indirect restorations. These take at least two dental appointments to complete. The dentist will make sure the patient is comfortable before starting these procedures. These include dental crowns, dentures, and dental implants.

An experienced dentist can provide effective treatments

General dentistry can provide restorative and cosmetic treatments. These procedures involve enhancing your appearance and dental functions at the same time. Seeing a dentist near you gives you access to quality general dentistry. A dental appointment can determine which procedure can fulfill your dental needs most.

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