When Might a General Dentist Recommend a Dental Filling?

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The general dentist often uses a dental filling as a restoration procedure for teeth damaged due to decay. Unless the tooth is severely damaged and needs a root canal and a crown, only the tooth filling will be enough. It is better to visit the dentist regularly for checkups, so decay not get too severe.

Reasons for dental fillings

The following are reasons why the general dentist might recommend a dental filling:

Tooth decay

Tooth decay or cavities are usually first noticed through tooth pain. A toothache is usually the first sign that someone might need dental fillings. Other indicators include sensitivity to sweet foods, pressure and hot or cold items. If sudden or throbbing pain occurs when chewing or biting, the tooth might need to be filled.

When patients visit the general dentist, they will undergo an oral examination, during which the dental professional will ask about the signs and check for visual indications of cavities. The visible signs include dark spots on the teeth, noticeable holes on the teeth and the presence of food debris in certain areas. Dental x-rays may also be taken to ascertain the extent and location of the decay.

Fractured teeth

Aside from cavities, having fractured teeth is another reason the dentist might recommend getting dental fillings. The composite filling material can be used to repair the fracture to prevent further damage or decay.

Cracks on the teeth

Also called craze lines, the vertical lines are cracks along the tooth enamel resulting from the stress induced on the teeth. It could be caused by activities like teeth grinding, jaw clenching, biting fingernails, or chewing hard objects like ice. The surface cracks can discolor the teeth eventually. The dentist can recommend dental filling material to cover the crack lines and restore the tooth’s appearance. The procedure is sometimes also known as bonding.

Tooth deterioration

The teeth can wear down with age, causing the biting edges to get flatter and darker. The teeth will also look less appealing. The deterioration is usually caused by bruxism or teeth grinding. This can also lead to a chipped tooth and further damages. The tooth-colored composite used for dental filling can be used to repair the tooth and restore its appearance. The restoration process can also improve the tooth’s strength and consequently enhance its functions. After repairing the teeth, the general dentist may recommend a nightguard to protect the teeth from further damages.

Visit the dentist for a dental filling

The general dentist uses tooth fillings to repair tooth decay so that it does not worsen into severe issues eventually. Fillings cover the cavity resulting from the decay, but it is also effective for repairing fractures and cracks on the teeth. Without treatment, tooth decay can result in tooth infection and eventual tooth loss. With timely dental fillings, it is possible to prevent the need for root canal or extraction.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you should visit the dentist immediately to have it checked. Sometimes tooth decay is painless, which is why regular dental appointments are important. Contact the dental office today to get started.

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